N9NEMUSES Opal x Onyx Two-sided Gems Collection Giveaway!

Thank all the positive feedbacks from fans for N9NEMUSES innovative Opal x Onyx two-sided jewelry collection! We’ve decided to hold a GIVEAWAY event for this collection this week!!!

N9NEMUSES Opal x Onyx two-sided Gem Collection Giveaway

Please note that you can enter more than one time. Enter Every day to get bigger winning chances! Eligible to enter from May 15 00:00 to May 21 23:59 PDF time

First Winner: One Opal x Onyx Necklace, Retro Gold or White Gold
Second Winner: A pair of Opal x Onyx earrings, Retro gold or white gold

For all participants, shop during the event to enjoy up to 20% off only in this week!

Shop from our amazon store: https://bit.ly/44J1HaA

Or N9NEMUSES Online store: https://bit.ly/3nFFBFo

Don’t forget the reasons why you like about this Collection!!

–A magic combination of Natural Opal and Onyx. Get one jewelry but enjoy two styles.
–Cheerful blue or Elegant Black, which one suits better of your mood and outfit today?
–S925 sterling silver plated with 18K retro gold or white gold
–Protected with a patented jewelry film which effectively prevent skin allergies and as well make jewelry last longer
–Pendant necklace and Drop Earrings are available to buy separately

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